ARTA Support


Tutorials in German and English language:

Heinrich Weber, HoM for the ARTA software at the VISATON forum, has written a tutorials for DIY loudspeaker designers on using ARTA, STEPS and LIMP in German language entitled:

ARTA-Handbuch (German ver. 2.4)
(C. Dunn translation of ARTA tutorial to English)

STEPS-Handbuch (German ver. 2.4 )
(C. Dunn translation of STEPS tutorial to English)

LIMP-Handbuch (German ver. 2.5)
(C. Dunn translation of LIMP tutorial ver 2.4 to English)

Heinrich Weber has also written a handbook about DIY tools for loudspeaker measurements (in German language) entitled:

"Hardware & Tools"  (ver. 1.01)

Annex 1 - Bau eines automatischen Drehtisches (ver. 1.3a)

Video tutorial on design of rotating turntable:

Vimeo link:


Manuals and tutorial in Spanish Language (Outdated):

ARTA manual - Espanol ver. 1.2.0.pdf

LIMP manualo - Espanol ver. 1.2.0.pdf

STEPS manual - Espanol ver. 1.2.0.pdf

Un compendio para los programas de la familia ARTA

Tutorial in Italian Language:

Guida alla famiglia di programmi ARTA, by Robert Grassilli


Application Notes (in .pdf format)

AN1: ARTA Measuring Box

ARTA - Measuring Box ver. 2 (english, rev.3)

ARTA - Messbox ver.2 (german, rev.5),

La Caja de Medición de ARTA ver. 1 (spanish,  rev.2).



AN2: RLC Measurement with LIMP

RLC Measurement with LIMP (english, rev. 01)

RLC messungen with LIMP (german, rev. 01)

Medición de RLC con LIMP (spanish, rev. 01)


AN3: Why 64-bit Processing

Why 64-Bit Processing (english, rev. 03 )

El porqué del procesado de 64 bits (spanish, rev. 03)


AN4: Loudspeaker Free Field Response

Loudspeaker Free Field Response (english, rev.03).

Respuesta de campo libre del altavoz (spanish, rev.02).

Ermittlung des Freifeld-Frequenzgangs (german, rev.01)


AN5: Chamber for the Lower End Microphone Calibration

ARTA Chamber for the Lower End Microphone Calibration (english, rev. 04)

Die ARTA-Mikrofonkalibrierkammer fürs untere Ende (german, rev. 04)

Cámara para calibración del micrófono (spanish, rev. 02)


AN6: Directivity Measurements

Directivity Measurements (english, rev. 2.0)

Directivity und Polar (german, rev. 2.0)

Directividad y Polaridad (spanish, rev. 01)


AN7: Estimation of Linear Displacement with STEPS

Estimation Of Linear Displacement with STEPS (english, rev. 01)

Ermittlung der linearen Auslenkung mit STEPS (german, rev. 01)


AN8: Repetitive Measurement with Script Language Autoit

Repetitive Measurements with Script Language AutoIT (english,  rev.01)

Wiederholmessungen mit der Skriptsprache AutoIT (german, rev.01).

Download example program:
Macro for ARTA Loop Measurement.exe.


AN9: Automatische Polarmessung mit ARTA

Automatische Polarmessung mit ARTA (german, ver. 1.4a)

Download Wim Huyghe programs for DIY turntable drive:

Video tutorial on using rotating turntable



User Case Studies

TMT-Vergleich (in german), writen by Timo Kirschke, shows how he used ARTA and STEPS in the evaluation of 13cm bass-midrange drivers. The work is done with pre-release version of ARTA.

PAF212_Dokumentation (in German) writen by Fabian Reimann, is very detailed technical report that shows how ARTA software is used in the design of an high quality PA loudspeaker system.

Dokumentation Entzerrung der B500A.pdf (in German), written by Stephen Becker, shows use of ARTA software in a design of an high quality loudspeaker.


Links to Measurement Hardware Interfaces

Elektor project: Loudspeaker measurement system


Interesting papers

1. I. Mateljan, K. Ugrinovic: The Comparison of Room Impulse Response Measuring Systems, Proceedings of the First Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association,  Portoroz, Slovenia, 2003.

2. I. Mateljan: Audio Quality Measurements in Communication Systems, Proceedings of the Second Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association, Opatija, Croatia, 2005.

3. I. Mateljan, H. Weber, A. Doric: Detection of Audible Resonances, Proceedings of the Third Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association, Graz, Austria, 2007.

4. M. Horvat, K. Jambrosic, H. Domitrovic: Methods of Measuring the Reverberation Time, Proceedings of the Third Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association, Graz, Austria, 2007.

5. K. Jambrosic, M. Horvat, H. Domitrovic: The Influence of Excitation Type on  Reverberation Time Measurements, Proceedings of the Third Congress of Alps Adria Acoustics Association, Graz, Austria, 2007.

6. I. Mateljan, M. Sikora: Estimation of loudspeaker driver parameters, Proc. of 5th Congress of the Alps Adria Acoustics Association, Zadar, Croatia, 2012.

7. I. Mateljan: Models for the Estimation of the Loudspeaker In-Room Response, Int. Journal for Engineering Modelling, , vol. 6., no.1-4, 1993.

8. I. Mateljan: Loudspeaker Minimum Phase Estimation, 13th International Congress on Acoustics, Belgrade,  1989.



Many thanks to Heinrich Weber for nice German tutorial and continuous support and contribution in Application Notes.

Many thanks Chriss Dunn for translation of German tutorials to english language.

Many thanks to Angel Fdez.-Escalante Bárcena and Andrea Gutiérrez Pérez for translation of Application Notes and Manuals in Spanish.

Many thanks to Goran Repanic for lot of experimental work.

Many thanks to all members of the Visaton Forum for discussions and suggestions.

Many thanks to Wim Huyghe for making electronic and software drivers for rotating turntable.

Many thanks to Lee Clinton for proof reading and correction of ARTA ver. 1.9.3 User Manuals and Application Notes.